Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  How far in advance should I book my party?
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday times fill up fast.  To get the exact date and
time you want, we advise that you please call us at least two (2) months
in advance to reserve your party.  Please call us even if it is not 2 months
in advance because we might just have an opening for you.

How many guests can I invite?
Your party package is up to Twenty-five (25) friends for our Weekend
Party Package and our Big Bouncin Party, or up to fifteen (15) friends for
our Bounce Party Package. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for
each additional child over that limit.   

Can I have two (2) guests of honor?
Yes.  You can have two guests of honor with your party package for an
additional charge of $25.00.  PLUS both guests of honor get their own
special throne chair.

Is there a deposit required to book a party?
Yes.  We require a $100.00 deposit with cash or a valid credit card.  If you
are ordering food we need to know at least the day before your party
(remember if your party is on a Friday we need to know on Wednesday
since we are closed on Thursday's).  The final balance will be due the day
of the party with cash or a valid credit card.

Your credit card will be charged the full amount due if you are a no show
to your birthday party.  

What if more kids come to the party?
There is a $10.00 per-child fee charged the day of the party (ages two
through 18).  If the total amount of children you reserved does not come,
there are no adjustments.

Cancellation Policy?
A $100.00 deposit is required to reserve your party date.  This deposit is
non-refundable.  If you cancel 30 days PRIOR to your party date, you can
reuse your deposit for another date in the next 12 months.  If cancelled
less than 30 days from your party date the deposit is non -refundable
and can not be transferred.

What should my guests bring to the party?
They should bring their signed waivers and a pair of socks.  

Does everyone have to sign a waiver?
Yes.  However, there is no need to fill out separate waivers for each
member of your family.  You can just put all their information on one
waiver.  We have extra waivers at the facility if you need them.

What should the children wear?
Socks are required!  Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes are recommended
(Nylon-type pants are fast on the slides).  Zippers, hooks, glasses, and
jewelry are not allowed as they may scratch the inflatables.

What if someone forgets to bring socks?
Everyone must wear socks to play, but we sell them as well.  Party
parents are encouraged to bring extra socks for their guests.  

What time should I arrive for the party?
Everyone, including the party family, should arrive 10 minutes before their
scheduled party.  We will collect waivers and review our safety rules with
everyone before the party begins.  Please do not arrive earlier than 10
minutes because there might be another party in your party room and it
will not be available.

Is there an age limit?
We recommend ages 3 and up.  

Not sure if forty-five (45) minutes is long enough in the party
room, may we have it longer?  
We cannot offer longer party rooms due to our party scheduling.  

Can guests re-enter the play arena once done in the party
We start in the inflatable arena then we go to the party room.  We start
in the inflatable arena because full stomachs and jumping might make
someone sick.  We can't re-enter the inflatable arena after your party.  

Will there be a party host in our party room/party arena?
Yes.  Our party hosts are here to service your needs.  We will set-up and
serve all your cake/pizza/drinks as well as help the guest of honor open
their presents.  Please remember to bring candles and lighters (no
matches, please) with your cake!  We set-up and we clean up for the
party.  They will also help supervise safe play of the kids in the play zone.  
Parents/Guardians must be present with their party/children at all times.  

Can I give my party host a tip?
Tipping is greatly appreciated.  

Can I bring my own decorations, paper products?
We provide generic white paper products (plates, cups, napkins,
utensils).  If you would like to bring your own paper products, feel free to
do so.  Just make sure to let your party host know as soon as you get
there so they can set yours up.  We ask that you only bring table
decorations or balloons.  You may also purchase balloons from BOUNCIN
CRAZE II.  Order must be placed at least one (1) day before your
scheduled party.  We do permit wall decorations if can be taped to the
wall, no ceiling decorations, no confetti, no silly string, no streamers or no

Can I bring my own food, drinks?
You can bring in your own birthday cake, cookies, cupcakes, vegetable
trays, and fruit trays for your birthday party.  We DO NOT allow birthday
cakes, cookies, cupcakes during Open Play, Family unless you have
scheduled a birthday party.  For your convenience we can supply you with
pizza, hot dogs, and drinks for your party.  We understand some parties
may require specific dietary alternatives which we are willing to
accommodate.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.  You may place
your food/drink order one (1) day in advance.    

What if I have a last minute change (food order, goody bag
order, etc)?
You must contact us ASAP and if we can't answer the phone please leave
a message for us.  

What else do I need to bring in besides my cake, cookies,
cupcakes, candles, lighter, and camera?
NOTHING!!!  We provide the rest.  Just show up and we’ll take care of

Can Parents play on the inflatables with their child?
We want parents to have a great time with their children, but we ask that
parents do not go on the inflatables unless they have to assist their child.

Are outside food and drinks allowed during Private Parties,
Open Play
We DO NOT allow outside food or liquids inside the facility unless
preauthorize by management.  Anything liquid or food can damage the
inflatables.  If food or drinks is caught in the play arena you might be
asked to leave the play arena.  We want to promote a safe, clean
environment for you and your children.

What is the price to play at Bouncin Craze II during Open Play?
$9.00 per child.  

Are you required to have a party to play at Bouncin Craze II?
Not at all.  Read about our Open Bounce.

Q.  Is there a time limit on admission at Bouncin Craze II?
Stay as long as you like, but once you leave you must pay for re-entry.

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